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Appreciation: Lou Reed


No hits, no misses, an hour of Lou Reed across his career presented by Appreciation guest hosts Michael Lloyd and Amy Delahunty, with the occasional interjection from Amery.

Appreciation: Talking Heads

An hour of Talking Heads with an avoidance of the familiar hits and a focus on the dancing. Selected by Amy Delahunty and Mark Amery. Apologies for some record skipping in the first two tracks – it then settles into a beautiful groove.

Thank you for sending me an angel more songs 3.36
Swamp Speaking in tongues 5.13
Houses in Motion Remain in Light 4.34
Love – building on fire Live 3.36
the girls want to be more songs 2.37
cities fear of music 4.05
artists only more songs 3.35
Crosseyed and Painless Remain in Light 4.47
slippery people stop making sense 3.35
stay up late little creatures 3.44
Don’t worry about the government 77 3
the lady don’t mind little creatures 3.5
Sax and violins Until the end of the world 3.3
listening wind remain in light 4.43
heaven fear of music 4.01

Appreciation: Kate Bush

An hour of appreciation of artist Kate Bush. No hits (well few), instead we delve deep into her sensual world. Apologies for a few moments of dead air etc. Not a great night in the studio but the music makes up for it.

Appreciation #1 – Stephin Merritt

Introducing you to the world’s greatest living songwriter you haven’t heard of. Listen here to an hour of Stephen Merritt (Magnetic Fields, Gothic Archies, The 6ths, Future Bible Heroes)

Appreciation (10pm Fridays 9am Mondays) is a monthly radio show where with we play no hits but no misses. Just an hour appreciating some remarkable lesser known music from a great talent.