A Guide To All Shows

10252061_10152486289031926_1870459297347706109_nThe following alphabetically listed shows play every week. Refer to the schedule for times. To keep regularly in touch, please join our Facebook page.

Ace Hurtle’s Good Clean Dirt

Tues 11am & Sat 3pm. Filthy funk, juicy jazz, righteous reggae, bad ass blues… and just about anything else too.

Across The Universe

Sat & Sun 8am. With Anna-Maria and friends. Enjoy a lie in while the kids listen to stories and music. Just like when you were growing up.


Mon 11am & Sat 4pm. Album feature hour, showcasing an album, the musicians, and their influences, presented by DJ Maxine.


Sun 10pm & Wed 5pm. The back catalogue of an outstanding artist. No hits, no misses. With Mark Amery and friends.

Believe It Or Not

Sun 8pm & Thurs 2pm. Sylvia Bagnall shares music from the many belief systems and religions of the world – much exceptional music is written for spiritual reasons and should be shared with everyone.

Blues To Bop

Fri 11am & Wed 8pm. Finn & Gilbert present Jazz from the 30’s to the 50’s – before and beyond.

bom bom bom bom

Mon 3pm & Fri 9pm. mcmc plays fast & loose with tight and hypnotic grooves across the musical spectrum.

Cecil Road Sessions

Tues 8pm & Fri 5pm. Nobody lives on Cecil Road – but Francis Mills comes pretty close. Crafting a theme-based show of diverse popular music from earlier times – as seen through the eyes of a 70 year old music fan – actually may be only one eye – this is what he terms “classical music”

Cinema Without Pictures

Wed 6pm &Sun 12pm. Andrew Armitage explores the vast ocean of soundtrack and song from a century of cinema.

Classic Pop

Sun 9am & Mon 6pm. Great pop music from the 1950s to today – from Elvis Presley to Lewis Capaldi and every one hit wonder in between.

Classical Futures

Tues 2pm & Wed 9pm. Anna-Maria O’Brien presents a panoply of splendid classical music – with an emphasis on the contemporary and futuristic.

Cuddle, Listen & Walk

Sun 1pm & Fri 9am. Enchanting tango music with Andrey Sabitov.

Dancing in Your Head

Sun 4pm & Wed 11am. Travel to the outer limits of music and find out how it’s created through the ears and minds of musicians. Featuring resident esoteric music specialists Dan Beban, Nell Thomas and guest artists.

Deep Disruption

Tues 10pm & Sat 9pm. Hold on to your ears: dance, house, minimal tech, dub techno, reggae/ska & two-tone and anything out of the ordinary. With Luke Eastell.


Mon 4pm & Wed 7pm. Dance music,  house, world, dub & reggae with some chanting – your cup of ocha? A musical adventure with Mayatiita Southerwood.

Garage Sale Funk

Sat 7pm & Sun 10am. Music and stories from Haumia Street’s funkiest DJ and garage sale goer, Paul Howard aka DJ Small.

Global Grooves

Wed 4pm & Sat 11am. A round-the-world musical flight with Melissa Garber – inflight meals vary.

Grrls to The Front

Sun 5pm & Wed 10am. The Grrls To The Front collective present a riotous mosh pit of Grrl music! From Beyonce to Emmylou to Bonnie Raitt…

History Never Repeats

Tues 9pm & Thur 9am. Amy and James pick a year from the past century to use explore its music and events.


Tues 5pm & Thurs 4pm. Alison Amery Zwartz and friends with small songs played for big reasons.

Indignz Session

Thurs 9pm & Fri 3pm.  A fusion of new and used music from home and beyond with Himiona Grace.

In Prog We Trust

Thurs 7pm & Fri 10am. An introduction to the very best progressive rock over the decades. Oh my Prog, such great bands, such great music! With Christian Judge.

In My Lifetime

Sun 9pm & Wed 9am. A different musical genre from 1978 to today with Mandy and her sidekick Dougs.

Not At The Table

Sat 10am. NZ and international poetry, readings & background with local poet Rob Hack.

Paekākāriki Pop

Tues 4pm & Sat 5pm. Sophie and friends with their favorites from todays pop charts and more.

Paekāk Punk Show

Mon & Fri 10pm. Wake up the kids! Shake up the neighbours! With Andy McKay.

Paekākāriki School Show

Mon 2pm & Thurs 5pm. Join Year 8 for stories, music and news from our school.

Rad Radio

Thurs 11am & Sat 2pm. Paul Radich and guests present and chat about a range of new and classic indie music.

Reptile Radio

Thurs 3pm & Sat 6pm. Cutting edge nostalgia from yesterday, today and tomorrow with Sam Buchanan.

Romantic Retro

Mon 5pm & Tues 12noon. Keri Ford presents psychedelic, glam, new romantic-ish music, imaginatively ripe, centered on 1967 to 1983.

School Radio Club

Weekdays 8am & 1pm. Share breakfast and lunch times with our young people!

Seven O’Clock Swill

Fri 7pm & Thurs 12pm. All new music, brews and banter about upcoming gigs by the Paekakariki DJ collective.


Sun 7pm & Fri 2pm. Mat Watkins & George Johnston pick two seemingly random musicians and find their common connections.


Mon 8pm & Wed 2pm. Themed shows, artist specials, multi genre music, anything from country to metal with Chrissi.

Sounds Eclectic

Mon 10am & Thurs 8pm. Rock, blues, reggae, jazz, Americana. Radio as it should be – the title says it all. With host Renwick Wright.

State Highway 1 Blues

Tues 7pm & Fri 8pm. Blues – from a local garage to a smokey bar to Memphis and back again – with Finn Michalak.

 Te Pae (The Perch)

Daily either 12noon and 6pm. Your community radio show: notices, news, performances and interviews with your local crew.

Vapour Trails

Mon 7pm & Thurs 10am. “Songs I play more than once, and not necessarily Americana” with John Girdlestone.

The Vinyl & Proud Show

Fri 6pm & Sat 9am. Join Val and Pat in a show dedicated to the love of vinyl record collecting. Music, interviews, info…

Wā Hine

Mon 9am & Sat 1pm. Girl time! Girl time! Kōrero with Emma McLaughlin and the woman of Paekākāriki who share tracks from some of their favourite female artists.

The Wildwood Session 

Sun 2pm & Tues 9am. Travels through the vast and ‘ornery landscape of country and folk music, with Helen Keivom.

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