Grrls to the Front

Paekakariki FM 88.2 ‘Grrls to the Front’ radio show DJ’s broadcasting live from St Peter’s Hall during the centenary weekend celebrations. Celebrate good times, C’mon!

“Grrls to the Front” is as much about politics as it is about music.  Even though the show is named after the ‘Riot Grrl’ movement of the nineties, the moniker is just as relevant two or so decades later, says host Amy Delahunty.  “The world we live in is still patriarchal.  The rise of the #metoo movement is just scratching the surface – you can guarantee there’s just as much abuse happening in the music industry.”

Run by a collective of around a dozen women, listeners of ‘Grrls to the Front’ can expect variety – depending on who’s hosting the show, it could be 80s music, a political discussion – or Beyonce.  Amy says Paekakariki is a good location for the show.  “It’s politically left, and there is a good percentage of politically aware and feminist women.  We have a great theme which gives us lots of room to explore.”

Tune in to “Grrls to the Front” on Sun 5pm & Wed 10am.