Classical Futures

Anna-Maria O’Brien: Serious music

A great way to be introduced to the diverse beauty of classical music, largely from the last 100 years. Put simply a guide to why classical is not old hat!  If you are aged between nine and ninety-nine, and are serious about great music, you’ll want to hear Anna-Maria’s two-hour ‘Classical Futures’ programme on Paekakariki FM, Tues 2pm & Wed 9pm. Anna-Maria prefers living composers like John Adams, and his Transmigration of Souls as played by the New York Philharmonic.  She’d also like to hear from you on 022 687 1926.

On the other hand, if you are aged 4, 5, 6, 7 or so, do listen to Anna-Maria’s stories, poems and songs for kids, on Saturday and Sunday mornings from 8 – 9. It’s called ‘Across the Universe’ and has children’s books on CDs, songs in Te Reo, New Zealand stories, all for free from our own Paekakariki Library. Seriously, check it out!