Wā Hine

Paekakariki 88.2FM DJ Emma McLaughlin sitting on her porch

Continuing a proud tradition of all-female shows on Paekakariki FM, Wā Hine is an examination of the challenges of womanhood as much as it is a celebration of her joys.  “We live in a patriarchal society so this is about sharing experiences as women in Paekakariki,” host Emma McLaughlin says.  

“Wā Hine is about getting a woman’s perspective on the world, our show is a place where they can share their stories and what’s happening in their lives. There are a lot of women in the village each with a different story, so this is an opportunity to hear those stories and have a good chat – in fact, sometimes you almost forget you’re on the radio”. Emma’s guests all bring music, the only condition is that it’s a female band, a female singer or a female featuring somewhere on the track.  “We discuss things like how they ended up in Paekakariki, what the biggest challenges are for them as wāhine, how they deal with these challenges and what’s on top for them.” So what can we expect to hear music wise? “Anything from Nina Simone to Siouxsie and the Banshees, Aldous Harding and M.I.A”

Mon 9am & Sat 1pm.