The Vinyl and Proud Show

Paekakariki 88.2 FM DJ’s Pat and Val on the deck at Finn’s

One is from PN and one is from NP.  Palmerston North and New Plymouth, that is.  Now it’s Paekakariki, and the amazing DJ team of Val Little and Pat McIntosh have found their groove.  Not just running a for-hire-DJ business, but also laying on local pride gigs and festivals.  Add to that their radio show on Pae FM and you have a winning formula as they stamp out their place in the community as “the queers who do vinyl.”  Only one of them actually grew up with vinyl – that’s Val, who remembers Michael Jackson’s ‘Ben’ as her first ever single and Kate Bush’s ‘The Kick Inside’ as her first album.  Pat was a ‘cassette and walkman person’ and only came to vinyl in 2010 when she started her collection with Marianne Faithful’s ‘Broken English’. “We bounce off each other, but we also like to surprise each other.  Keeps you on your toes.”

Vinyl and Proud can be heard Fri 6pm & Sat 9am.