Reptile Radio

Paekakariki FM DJ Sam Buchanan.

Paekakariki FM DJ Sam Buchanan at home

Sam Buchanan, Music to order, medium-rare

An increasingly rare species, Sam is a Paekakariki original. That’s two points. Politically he says he’s an Anarchist. Maybe another point depending on your outlook. None of this has anything to do with his Paekakariki FM radio show, Reptile Radio. Well, maybe a little. Sam says his music has an unspoken political message of its own. It’s mostly rock, “all over the spectrum,” he says, “featuring fairly obscure bands. Such as – (for those in the know) – Menno Huibers and the Raskolnikovs who play Paekakariki regularly”

Sam is a DOC Hut Ranger, working mainly central North Island and mainly summer – week on – week off. There’s a lot about Sam that’s worth knowing. Join him, Thurs 3pm & Sat 6pm.