Paekakariki FM DJ Sarah Roberts aka DJ Maxine deep in her garden.

DJ Maxine: Listen, learn and love!

Paekakariki FM listeners will know her as DJ Maxine. She came from Dunedin, she plays
rhythm guitar with the Paekakariki band ‘The Travesties’, her favourite artists and groups
include the singer, songwriter and poet, P.J. Harvey, the pioneering rock band ‘Blondie’ and
cool counterculture ‘Velvet Underground’.

Listeners can hear her show “Albumarama” on Saturday at 4pm, and Monday at 11am.
Not just any old music, mind you, DJ Maxine selects her feature album, researches its history, and
talks about the people, the places, the genre, (often a New Zealand group); and makes that
album come alive.

“Having been a music lover virtually all my life”, DJ Maxine says, “my album choice is very
eclectic.” Tune in: “Albumarama”