History Never Repeats

Paekakariki 88.2 FM DJ’s Amy and James with Piano and Robotic Dinosaur.

James Albertson and Amy Delahunty are musical comrades from way back, dancing and pogoing their way through music festivals in England, Denmark, Australia and New Zealand.  Now, both happily settled in Paekakariki, the old friends have found a new outlet for their love of music – their own radio show.  James still can’t quite believe it.  “What an opportunity! I was into community radio in Melbourne but I never thought I’d get to be a part of it.” Amy, on the other hand, did bring some radio experience with her which helps as the two concoct their monthly shows featuring one particular year of glorious music.  But the show is more than that:  “It’s about the whole of pop culture really, about social and political events – it depends entirely on the year.  Sometimes we talk a lot and the next time we play more music.”  So far, they’ve done 15 years.  One of them, 1969, took two shows! “We did one show just covering all the festivals that were on back then.  Woodstock, Altamont.”

Tune in for your dose of musical history on Tues 9pm & Thurs 9am.