Deep Disruption

Paekakariki 88.2FM DJ Luke Eastell in his hallway.

Things could have been a lot worse for Luke Eastell.  Now spinning discs on Paekakariki FM, Luke has been a  DJ since the tender age of 14, specialising in illicit raves in England. There were lots of parties – in warehouses or forests or other, usually unapproved, locations.  “Then they toughened up the laws, so if I hadn’t come to New Zealand I might well have ended up in prison,” Luke jokes.  But here he is, in our little slice of paradise, raising two children and marvelling at his four year old who already knows to work the turntable.  His show, ‘Deep Disruption’, sounds like a bit of a house party in itself.  “Most of it is bass-heavy music. I might start with a bit of reggae, some two-tone, then slowly progressing into faster and harder stuff.” There’s some down tempo beats, some progressive house, tech house, then maybe techno, then maybe drum and bass.  Perfect stuff for a Saturday night.  “I might wind the show down by playing something like future garage.” Nice.

Tues 10pm & Sat 9pm