Discussion on Paekakariki issues

Panel discussions on our community radio show Te Pae on issues relevant to our village. These are listed alphabetically by subject.

Accommodation in Paekakariki: Temporary Neighbours: 

With Paekakariki Holiday Park’s Marilyn Heazelwood, Paekakariki Beachfront B&B owners’ Don Polly and Allie Webber and Hill Top Hideaway’s Peter Mounsey & Denise Duke.

Anzac Day – What Does it Mean to Us?

Ian Johnstone and Colleen Kelly

Birds: Paekakariki wildlife

Bringing Home the Bacon

Jane Buchanan and Gabrielle Maxwell

Community Board Candidates

Crime in the Village

John Stewart, Shona Jaunus and Flo McNeill

Drug Use and Youth

Education: Home Schooling and Alternatives

Elderly in the Village

Joan Hilder, Margaret Shaw, Daphne Richards

Elections 2014 – The Green Party

Jan Logie and Jack McDonald

Elections 2014 – The Labour Party

Kris Faafoi and Adrian Rurawhe

Elections 2014 – The National Party

Hekia Parata

Elections 2014

Kevin Hackwell and Peter Handford

Elections 2014

Alister Barry

Extracurricular Activities After School – How much is too much?

Julia Truscott, Erica Julian and Will Northcott

Growing Paekakariki beyond its current boundaries

With Paul Hughes

Grow Paekakariki – 2

With Paul Hughes

Housing Affordability

How to be Sustainable, Healthy and Warm at Home

Richard Morrison


Max Rashbrooke

Kapiti Arts Trail

KCDC Annual Plan

Janet Holborrow

Korero Maori

Paora Trim, Te Umu-a-riki Mei and Sophie Handford

Living With Downs Syndrome

Living the Good Life

Stacey Gasson, Hugh Brown, Peter Mackie

Local Film Industry – The Pa Boys

With Himiona Grace, Tola Newbery and Jack Cromie


Marriage Equality

Jenny Rowan, Jools Joslin, Liz Kennedy and Prue Hyman


Raima Kingi, Hemi McGregor and Mick Finn

Mayoral Candidates

Jenny Rowan, Ivan Sage, David Scott and Gavin Welsh

Native Fish in our Streams

Dr Mike Joy and Geoff Osgood

New Walkways in Paekakariki

Penny Redward, Steve Eckett and Nicola Ward

Paekakariki Flood 2003 – 10 years on

Paul Furfie

Sarah Te One

Paekakariki Volunteer Fire Brigade

Pay Equity

Lindy McIntyre


Protection of Maori Land

Himiona Grace and Graham Coe

Public Art

Jack McDonald, Dianna Farey, Emily Boonen


Michael O’Leary, Wayne Mason and Anthony Dreaver

Septic Tanks


Stay At Home Mums and Dads – to return to work or not? 

Sonia Blazina-den Otter, Cas Carter and Matt Ralph

Wainui Stream – What’s in the water

Flo McNeill and Dr Mike Joy

Water Meters

Ben Thompson KCDC

Sam Buchanan and Maria McMillan

Youth Week

Sophie Hansen


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