The Cecil Road Sessions

Paekakariki FM DJ Francis Mills at home

Paekakariki FM DJ Francis Mills at home

Francis Mills – Give a little something

Tuning in late to Francis Mill’s Cecil Road Session Tues 8pm & Fri 5pm becomes something of an experience, a bit more than a run-of- the-mill (pardon the pun) record show. He describes his music as popular – but it’s more than that. It is music he owns, he knows, and he especially likes. There is a bit of depth in his discourse – Francis gives you the artist and the music in detail, giving a bit of himself in the process.

At the end of the show, there’s a message – it’s free. His favourite artists are Bob Dylan and Van Morrison. Maybe you will be lucky enough to hear him some evening when he tells you why.

Francis is the Station Property Manager.