State Highway 1 Blues

Paekakariki FM DJ Finn Michalak and his daughter at home in the garden

When he’s not tramping in the Orongorongos our working in Wellington’s Botanic Garden, Finn Michalak listens to the blues.  It’s a love he likes to share with his listeners – just don’t expect the music to be pristinely recorded or polished. “I like the rough originals, it makes the music more tangible.  You feel close to it.  You can hear little mistakes, it sounds real and honest.”

Finn has listened to the blues all his life – his father was a big fan. Now he’s passing the blues bug onto his 6 year old daughter Isla.  She’s even done a couple of shows with him.  On Garage Band Blues, Finn plays authentic American blues from the thirties, through to the British wave of blues in the sixties.  Finn’s show is on Tues 7pm & Fri 8pm.  ‘It makes good listening when you’re stuck in traffic with the old State Highway One blues’.