Week 4 Paekak 88.2 FM schedule 10-16 March

Here’s our lineup live on Sunday repeated nightly 5-11pm. Remember you can stream it anywhere here at paekakariki.org.nz

5pm Paekakariki Pop   
Sophie and her friends Pippa and Tahlula have put together a show of their favorite songs. They will be playing songs current from the pop charts by Reece Mastin, Taylor Swift, Jamie McDell and more.

6pm Te Pae/The Perch
This week the gorgeous Kaia Hawkins is in the presenter chair with a host of great guests in for a chinwag. First up its a few songs from Wellington Road bourbon baritone bluesman Al Witham. Neighbour of the week is Tom Taptiklis, and Clinton’s back with the Paekakariki sports round-up. Community Notices are at 7pm for all your local information with our producer Melanie Phipps. Garage Sale Funkman Paul Howard provides the Sqawk of the Week on behalf of the Bowls Club and at the end of the show we have spoken word from Apirana Taylor. Between 7 and 8 our issue of the week is Education, looking at homeschooling with Maggie Bishop, a local parent homeschooling her teenager, vis a vis the state system with Assistant Principal at Kapiti College Ragne Maxwell. All locals

8pm M.A.W.P
Stefan and MCMC present M.A.W.P. , an irreverent look at pop and rock, new and old. Episode 1: Scarlett Johannson and Primal Scream.

9pm The Space Doctor
Where and when to see comet PanSTARRS… Live stargazing tips (take your radio to the beach)… An interview with astrophotographer Mark Gee from wellington …https://vimeo.com/58385453 … And lots of space music, ranging from Holst to Soundgarden, some of which will “evoke a feeling of contemplative spaciousness.”

10pm  Beats and Bangers
Servin up some fresh beats and sizzling bangers. Keepin it oldschool, keepin it greasy, no mash, no cheesey!!! With Jack Cromie.

Thanks for listening and bearing with our errors and technical glitches. It’s a pilot period for us as we all get things right. But what a pile of shows last week! Our pilot period sees us run a monthly programme for three months, probably in the current timeframe 5pm-11pm, so this marks the end of month one and the last batch of new shows (well we’re sure to sneak a few new surprises in), which means next week March 24 you can look forward to the return of some of your fave shows thus far.