When and Where You’re Drinking: Te Pae 2-8 June

Fancy a bevy on The Parade whilst watching the sunset? Having a neighbourhood street party? You could be breaking the law under proposal alcohol bans up and down the coast.

This week on Te Pae/ The Perch, your community radio show in Paekakariki (12-2pm and 6-8pm daily Sunday-Saturday) the proposed alcohol ban is our issue of the week (around 12.30/6.39pm), with studio guests and locals Ken McDonald (Paekakariki Sports Club), Shona Jaunas (Kapiti Safer Community trust), Renwick Wright and Samantha Hutcheson (KCDC).

And as a chaser, we’re complementing the discussion with songs about drinking!

Heading the show just after 12/6pm is local band the Moumou Timers, followed by the all! new! Sports Report with Will Northcott. Our Squawk of the Week is with Tina Pope of the Paekakariki Organic Orchard and Garden group, and our neighbour of the week (1.20/7.20pm) is the irrepressible community entrepeneur Flo McNeill, celebrating Paekakariki Trading’s first anniversary on Facebook, the Local Table competition and all manner of community goodness. In our spoken word slot (1.45/7.45pm) is poet and painter Harriet Bright.

Community Notices as always at 1pm/7pm.

We welcome your notices, thoughts, ideas and comments to [email protected] Te Pae/The Perch is presented by Mark Amery and Kaia Hawkins and produced by Melanie Phipps with assistance from Esther Bullen and Rebecca Thomson.