Just some things I loved I heard on a radio in Paekakariki this month

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(click on the pic to see the current schedule)
On Word Mercedes’ beautiful interview with poet Rob Hack about living here and her own long, long poem flickering out of my laptop for nigh on 20 minutes (Mondays 5-6pm)
Lily Fulton’s awesome live rendition of Stairway to Heaven near the end of Paekakariki Pop (Saturdays 5-6)
Sam Buchanan’s inspired set of stupid teenage songs on Reptile Radio (Saturdays 8-9), including, ridiculously, Zodiac Mindwarp and Captain Sensible singing Happy Talk live.
The slinkily sinuous jazzy grooves of the Ethiopian music on Tim Jaray’s Living the Highlife – talk about introducing treasure (Mondays 8-9pm)
MAWP actually making me like Oasis again (Fridays at 8pm) – the lads are still keeping what the initials MAWP really stand for close to their hunky chests…
The wonderful hour-long interview Mike Gibson has done with Riki Gooch in the newly christened Paekakariki FM Studio B in Wellington (Mondays 10-11).
Reporting from the radio station’s shower to literalise The Weather Girls’ show’s anthem ‘Its Raining Men’ (Sundays 9-10pm) – oh and special guest Ken Ring
Ed Morley Hall’s  comment on Parental Misguidance (Sundays 5-6pm) that his single of the week slot is for single people only
Himiona’s sublime two hour grooving set on Indigenz Session (Tuesday 9-11pm)
Jim Ebenhoh’s focus on post punk female groups on Anything Could Happen, in particular the banging wrapped extended mix of ‘Money’ (Monday’s 9-10pm)
From Dudley Benson to lots of Arvo Part, Anna Marie O’Brien’s focus on contemporary classical vocal music on Classical Futures (Wednesdays 9-11)
How could one not love someone drinking home-brew talking about home-brew whilst playing the blues, espescially when a show by Al Witham has such a clever title as The Witham and Brews (Wednesdays 8-9pm)
Oh but just a few of the things I loved you can hear in the next week or so before our news show start (June 9). So much I haven’t mentioned. You guys are amazing.
Got some inclusions? Your own blog even on what you’re hearing? Bring it on!
Mark Amery