Wheeler’s Luck – Paekakariki 88.2FMs first playreading with the Scouts

Paekakariki Scouts are pleased to present in two parts a playreading with dodgy sound effects of Wheeler’s Luck, a great New Zealand play written by Toby Leach, Damon Andrews and Nigel Collins, which first premiered at Wellington’s BATS Theatre. Written for two actors (!) it proves brilliant for expanding to 25.

Read with the permission of Playmarket with apologies to the authors for any liberties taken. Cast and plot below.

The plot:

“Local landowner Nora Cox dies, leaving her prime coastal property to the people of the small coastal town of Bell End. Mayor Duncan attempts to keep the details of the town’s acquisition secret, inviting Auckland developer Richard Lush to help him transform the asset into a cash cow for the impoverished council. However, Nora’s land holds historical and cultural significance to the town as it was the site of a daring rescue following a shipwreck over 100 years ago…. When rural postie Murray learns what is afoot, he sets out to scupper the mayor’s plans. Murray’s interference leads to a town vote on the future of the land. It’s an emotional issue for the townsfolk, who commemorate the shipwreck and rescue with an annual bareback horse race across Nora’s land – an event which will be thrown into jeopardy should the development be given the green light. The vote results in a stalemate and Richard’s plans are stalled – until he places a wager on the upcoming race. He will ride against Murray. If Murray wins, Richard will leave town. If Richard wins, Murray will change his vote and the development will proceed. However, Richard has fallen for the local beauty – Murray’s step daughter, Trish. Will love conquer greed? And what will be become of Alan the crazed chicken farmer with a dangerous obsession with explosives?

Cast list:

Nora                                    Amelie Lloyd
Jonny                                  Joe Whittaker
Lydia                                   Sofi Bloom
Murray                                 Frankie Mcglaughlin
Andy                                    Max Andreas
Richard                                Nate Ward
MC Reul                              Tyler Hayes
Daryl                                    Maia Takurua-Truscott
Cilla                                     Sophie Corbett
Trish                                    Frida Cruickshanks
Duncan                               Olivia Cameron
Joe                                      Kahu Warena
Ron                                     Kahu Warena
Trev                                     Frida Cruickshanks
Derek                                  Ollie Simpson
Mike                                    Maia Takurua-Truscott
Kevin                                   Etienne Cruickshanks
Phil                                      Etienne Cruickshanks
Beryl                                    Sofi Bloom
Maureen                              Kyah Ralph
Mr Ramsoy                          Charlie Simpson
Mrs Hughes                         Annaliese Hill
Old Trethewyn                     Jacob Kahl
Mr Johnston                         Maia Takurua-Truscott
Mrs Bland                             Eva Rozing
Mr Bland                               Kyah Ralph
Trev’s wife                            Lily Andreas
From the distance person    Eva Rozing
Perry                                    Sofi Bloom
Old Man Cox                        Charlie Simpson
Pissed Man                          Tyler Hayes
Queenie                                Lily Andreas
Horatio                                  Jacob Kahl
Neil                                       Louis Hughes
Skinhead                              Kyah Ralph
Colin                                     Annaliese Hill
Clever Clogs Townsperson  Charlie Simpson
Distraught woman                Eva Rozing
Ernie                                     Annaliese Hill
Mrs Woolf                             Lily Andreas
Molly                                     Kyah Ralph
Devon                                   Amelie Lloyd