About Us

Paekakariki 88.2FM is a non-profit volunteer run radio station produced for the community by the community, run under the auspices of Paekakariki Informed Community, former publisher of community newspaper Paekakariki Xpressed.

Our grateful thanks to our sponsors: Groundtruth, Baseline Creative Print, Beach Road Deli and The Front Room Eatery, Waikanae Beach.


  • Provide reliable community information
  • Provide civil defence and other information in emergency and power cut situations
  • Provide a platform for education for our youth
  • Be the people’s voice, representing and promoting the diversity of our community, our needs, and the unique character of Paekakariki.
  • Promote environmental awareness, in particular our native birdlife, flora and fauna
  • Represent the concerns of local tangata whenua
  • Share the community’s stories, histories and provide discussion of different views
  • Develop, present and record local DJS, musicians, artists and writers, and prioritise locally produced content
  • Entertain and stimulate
  • Develop an oral history of the community
  • Provide the facilities, advice, training and technical support for residents to create and broadcast their own radio programmes
  • Establish and nurture mutual interests and relationships with other like minded communities and individuals, whether in the region, nationally or internationally.


Meets bi-monthly to assess all applications and report on activity, issues and planning

Chair: Renwick Wright

Secretary: Emma McLaughlin

Treasurer: Siggy Woolloff

Mark Amery

Paul Radich

Chrissi Johnson

Daniel Bar-Even (IT)

Mike Gibson (Studio equipment)

Pete Handford (transmission)

Don Polly

Val Little

Mark Coote

James Albertson (programming)

Andrew Armitage

Please see contact us to find out who to contact with various enquiries.

Paekakariki: this is your perch: we want your contribution

To contribute your stories, news, music and information contact Paekakariki FM at [email protected]

To present a show, or get involved in other ways go here.

To support our ongoing viability go here.

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