Te Pae 21-28 May: Rates, living inter-generationally and a legendary bull tussle

This week on your Paekakariki community radio show Te Pae Louise Thornley and Mark Amery are joined by our neighbours of the week, Clare and Neville Pinfold – daughter and son-in-law of the amazing Florrie Ward. At 101 years of age, Florrie is one of our eldest residents, and lives with Clare and Neville, who have 3 generations of adults living in their home. Late in the show we play the infamous audio of Pearl and Florrie recounting their dramatic 1996 wrangle with a bull while strolling the back paddocks of Paekakariki, as made famous of Raumati’s Simmonds brothers. Steve Eckett is in early on to talk about rates on behalf of the community board – how does it all work? Is it fair? – as our community squawk this week. All this plus a good dose of community notices to ward off the early winter chills.

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