Te Pae 11-15 May


This week on Te Pae we look at the protection of Maori land and in particular the case of the MacKay to Pekakpeka Expressway and the ancestral land of the Grace whanau.  We take a look at the history of the land with Graham Coe whose family lived on the land from the early 1900s, and talk with Himiona Grace about the fight mounted by his mother and whanau to keep the land, and establish it as a Maori Reservation rather than have close to 1000sqm taken for the Expressway.  Also on the show we’re joined by Pete for the final fishing report of the season and hear from Chorus to get more information on activity many of you will have noticed along our streets – the roll out of Ultra Fast Broadband in Paekakariki. Community notices are with the effervescent Suzy Richardson and Spoken Word this week is with Kirsten Le Harivel. We open the show with a great treat for families- a live set by Paekakariki’s most popular band for the littlies The Fat Teddies, with members Ukelele Bear, Sally Lunn Cupcake and Theodorus Squeeze.

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