Green Tea June 2015

This show broadcast June 2015. Click here to listen to the podcast: GREEN TEA June 2015 SoundCloud 

In this special feature program I interview Reuben Harcourt who is freshly returned from a short, yet incredibly intense stint in Nepal. Reuben travelled to the country just three weeks before the 7.8 magnitude earthquake hit on 25 April. He was there volunteering at an orphanage when the devastating natural disaster changed everything. Rather than hightail it out of the country, Reuben says that evacuating never crossed his mind, and he quickly realised that he was in a privileged position to help those most in need. Click the podcast link above to hear his his awe-inspiring story, of being thrust into the impossible, of heart wrenching loss, grief, friendship, and rising to the challenge.

To read more about Reuben’s fundraiser, to donate, or contact him, here’s the link: REUBEN NEPAL Give a Little 

Reuben distributing sacks of rice - Nepal relief action in full swing.

Reuben & Vinod Sunchuary distributing sacks of rice – Nepal relief action in full swing.


House of rubble

House reduced to rubble


One of the tougher moments during the relief effort in Nepal

One of the toughest days during the relief effort, pulling the truck, meter by meter over several kilometers of badly damaged mountain pass. On the return trip it got much worse as the narrow and steep track was reduced to mud by heavy rain.


Reuben's team brought in the first aid many villagers had seen even 2 weeks after the earthquake

Two weeks after the earthquake, Reuben’s team brought in the first relief supplies these villagers had seen.


Relief in a sack

A sackful of relief. Much of the aid was distributed amongst the Pahari people who are considered ‘untouchable’ and subject to discrimination and poverty.


The most inspiring ragtag grassroots disaster response group that's ever sprung up out of nowhere!

“The most inspiring ragtag grassroots disaster response group that’s ever sprung up out of nowhere!”


The Avant-Gardener Hannah Zwartz gives us a lesson on mulching your winter garden. ‘Mulch mulch mulch’ she says!


Playist this month includes:

Jack Body ‘Ratschenita’ performed by the New Zealand String Quartet 2010

Loopcrew, ‘Nandor – One Inity’ from the 2005 album: The Green Room 004:Hope.

Title theme: Mardi Gras BB , ‘Down Down Down’.