Sunday 24 February – Saturday 2 March 5pm-11pm

Streaming worldwide on the net at and in Paekakariki on your radios 88.2FM, week two of our pilot sees us again live on Sunday, and repeating the show Monday to Saturday, with a new raft of monthly Paekakariki specialist shows and our weekly community show Te Pae.

5pm     Collective Korero
Collecting the korero in Paekakariki, with host Kaia Hawkins. Your neighbours’ lives and record collections.

6-8pm      Te Pae (The Perch)
Your weekly news, views, performances and interviews of Paekakariki with host Mark Amery and producer Melanie Phipps.
This week includes (in order) a musical performance by Hurricane Shayn Wills, our Neighbour of the Week interview with our farmer John Perkins, all new feature Clinton’s sports round up, community notices at 7pm, our squawk of our week from a local organisation Paekakariki School with principal John Masson, and a spoken word performance by Therese Lloyd.
Our weekly panel discussion this week is on the theme of The Birds. Peter Handford and Daniel Bar-Even of Groundtruth and wildlife biologist Murray Williams will talk about the bird audio link from Kapiti Island; birds and other wildlife of Paekakariki: what we’ve got and the issues for local wildlife – including where the cats fit in. Email in your questions and they will have a go at answering them: [email protected]

8pm    The Wildwood Hour
Travels through the vast landscape of country and folk music, with Helen Keivom.

9pm     Anything Could Happen
A sampling of indie rock / pop from the late ‘70s to the present, with a hearty dose of New Zealand content, with Jim Ebenhoh

10pm  Beats and Bangers
Servin up some fresh beats and sizzling bangers. Keepin it oldschool, keepin it greasy, no mash, no cheesey!!! With Jack Cromie.

All feedback and queries welcomed to [email protected] And if you’re on Facebook we really would appreciate you pressing ‘like’ on the PaekakarikiFM page so we can keep you in touch.