Spring awakening! New shows and a new schedule

It’s spring next week! And we here at centre of the centre of the universe are as proud as a Tui singing its spring song  to announce a new schedule and a pile of new shows, beginning 2pm Sunday 31 August.

From Sunday we also broadcast one extra hour a day, interrupting the birds an hour earlier at 10am and running through to 11pm.

Your new shows:

2pm Sundays Not at the Table

Poetry from the heart, the head, the desk or shed, from Mississippi to Moscow, Invercargill to Isfahan. With Rob Hack

9pm Sundays The Unusual Suspects
Journey around the world lovers of strange underground breaths of fresh air, and more with Isla View.
5pm Mondays Globe Hoppers Each month a different country – music, food and facts – with guests who’ve visited. With Vita, Phoebe, Connie and Stellar-Mia.  
9pm Mondays Soundchick Random genres and decades: a little country, a dash and splash of alt, a pinch of industrial, add a little metal and season with some rock. Now stir up those sounds with the SoundChick
5pm Thursdays The Hour of Power
Teenage selection of dubstep, electronica and trap featuring a fair few remixes. With Mose Berry-Keivom.
10pm Fridays X-Alt 
A celebration of Generation X alternative music. Grungey, indie goodness with Therese Lloyd.
MAWP is now Friday Night Music Hour at 9pm
A quiet-ish hour of songs by current singers, songwriters and bands, with the odd rock’n’roll surprise
And Blues to Bop with Don Polly shifts to 8pm Friday nights

Other changes include:

An extra repeat of the School Show 6pm on Fridays, for families to listen when everyone’s at home.

Extra repeats of Te Pae Saturday and Sunday 12-2pm due to requests from those who can’t get to it during the week.

We’ve also said goodbye (for now) to some friends on the airwaves this winter. The irrepressible supporter of local musicians Boggy and his sax has left for the UK, losing us Centre of the Universe, and DJS Fred and Lavender aka The Weather Girls have headed to somewhere hot to rest up. Big ups also to Connie Ford who finished her tween stint with Comicini with a Spookini special.

Take a listen.