New shows and new Paekakariki 88.2Fm August-December schedule

Six new shows start this week! This week we roll out a new schedule which will be in Paekakariki letterboxes soon. Thanks to Mike Gibson for the training, Gina Goad for the flyer design, James Albertson for proofing, Graeme Thompson on printing for Baseline, Mark Coote for the distribution, our DJ assistants and all at PICI. Programme coordination by Mark Amery.

Vapour trails

“Songs I play more than once” John Girdlestone. Mondays at 7pm and Saturdays at 10am

Dancing in Your Head
Discover the outer limits of music and understand how it’s created through the ears and minds of musicians. Featuring resident esoteric music specialists and guest artists. Sundays 4pm and Thursdays 7pm.

Sweet Sixteen
From local sixteen-year-old Edison Amery-Zwartz comes Sweet Sixteen. Have you ever wanted to chat with your friends but don’t have any? Now you can listen to other people doing just that! Oh, and there’s music too.
Tuesdays 5pm and Saturdays at 9am.

Kāpiti Island Discs
A guest will be marooned on Kāpiti Island. They can take ten songs, a book and a luxury item. Listen to find out the story behind their choices. With Karen Stevens. Wednesdays 8pm and Mondays 9am.

Ace Hurtles Good Clean Dirt
Filthy funk, Juicy jazz, Righteous reggae, bad ass blues… and just about anything else too… Saturdays 3pm and Tuesdays 10pm

Gatecrasher’s Mixtape
Sat 9-11pm Random Djs to crash you Saturday night, tune in and get your party started.