Four new shows in Summer Paekakariki 88.2FM programme

16406574_741247016053702_1582677878192214760_nHi Paekakariki, We have four great new shows from four new DJs starting on PK 88.2 FM this week. We’re delighted to have them join us in the studio and look forward to hearing them on air because each show takes a fresh, new approach and will introduce you to a wide variety of music and guests:

Kiwi Independent Music Show  –  Jason Johnson
Tues 4pm, Thurs 7pm. An exploration of Kiwi music with Jason Johnson – interviews, recordings from local gigs: a celebration of Kiwi sounds.

Jason Johnson is known to many of you as the guitarist in local band Eb & Sparrow and now he’s going to be hosting his own show for us – it will strongly feature local acts,  recordings from shows at St Peters Hall and he’ll host visiting musicians in the studio to talk and play live.


Garage Band Blues  –  Finn Michalak
Tues 7pm, Sat 9am. Blues – from a local garage to a smokey bar to Memphis and back again – with Finn Michalak.

Finn Michalak has stepped up to the plate to present a new blues show for listeners – now that Al Witham has decided to take a break from his Witham & Blues show. Finn is keen to present a wide variety of blues styles and to talk and share his love of the blues each month.


Grrls To The Front  –  Amy Delahunty & the  Grrls To The Front Collective
Sun 5pm, Fri 11am. The Grrls To The Front collective present a riotous mosh pit of Grrl music! From Beyonce to Emmylou to Bonnie Raitt…

Grrls To The Front is a collective of approximately 15 women named from the feminist punk Riot Grrrl movement of the 90s, which focuses on female musicians and singer/songwriters. The show will be presented by rotating groups of presenters offering a diverse range of women from across the music industry.

Ideas for shows include women singing the blues, focussing on a different genre or time period, personal recollections of female musicians who have had an effect on the presenters’ lives. The idea is to carve out a space within the male-dominated world of popular music and for one hour, reclaim it for the women. Oh, and to smash the patriarchy!

History Never Repeats  –  Amy Delahunty & James Albertson
Tues 10pm, Thurs 3pm. 100 years to choose from. Amy & James pick a year – any year – from the 20th century and explore its music and events.

Amy & James are going to focus on a different year, picked at random, from the past 100 years or and to feature not just the music of that year but also to place it within the historical/social/political events of that year.  The focus will be on New Zealand/Aotearoa, and Paekakariki in particular, as much as that is possible.

They also plan to bring in members of our community for relevant shows, and have them share their personal memories, experiences and favourite songs of the year being presented.


Thanks, Renwick Wright and Mark Amery