End of the year specialness

pop up disco2-page-001Welcome to our Paekakariki BBQ: on the final Te Pae community radio show for Paekakariki of the year on 88.2FM (and online paekakariki.org.nz), playing 12-2pm and 6-8pm daily, we present a hearty party of great guests looking back over the year and ahead. Amongst the revellers, our local copper John Stewart reflects on what has not been a good year for crime in the village and local councillor Janet Holborrow pops in. Himiona Grace, Frances Mills and Mark Te One play, Therese Healey and Rob Hack read (the latter a poem about Open Mic nights at Finns no less) and we even feature a carol recorded at the Carol Service at St Peter’s Church. Plus we have community notices for over Christmas and the new year. Paekakariki peace to all our listeners. We broadcast over the summer, with a special January presentation of a a different show a day over January – more details to come. Te Pae returns Sunday February 1.

Thanks to the Te Pae team: Phoebe Taptikis, Louise Thornley, Sylvia Bagnall, Elyse Robert, Mark Coote, Kaia Hawkins, Mark Amery and special guest star Shona Jaunas. And to our BBQ host and PICI chair Sarah Te One, we say: you are the hostess with the mostess.

Come join us for a dance Saturday 20 December at the hall.