Broadcasting from the centre of the Universe 5-11 May

Hey friends, this is our last week in the current format- listen out on Te Pae this week for the announcement of a whole new way of community broadcasting! Woo.

We also have a new show this week: welcoming Sam Buchanan’s Reptile Radio at 10pm. This week we continue Sunday-Saturday nights 5pm-11pm on your radios and streaming for free around the world on your computers at We start live on Sunday night 5 May.

5pm:        Parental Misguidance

Join Ed and Luca, father and son, for an hour of pop, punk and polka. Helping to bridge the generation gap through song – Rihanna to the Ramones.

6pm: Te Pae/ The Perch

This week with Mark Amery, Stefan Wolf and friends play live in the studio, and our neighbour of the week is a Dutch ambassador, ‘Cloggy artist’, and cyclist Jan Weststarte ( . Before 7pm Squawk of the week is from Constable John Stewart giving us an update on suspicious activity around these parts, and 7pm with Te Pae producer Melanie Phipps is Community Notices. After that Issue of the week after 7pm is particualrly for parents and young people: Extra Curricular Activities – Are We Getting the Balance Right?  We are joined by  Erica Julian, Julia Truscott and Will Northcott. Gabe Bishop Evans is in with film reviews, and in our 7.45pm spoken word slot we have poet Dinah Hawken.

8-9pm:            M.A.W.P.

Stefan and MC MC present M.A.W.P. , an irreverent look at pop and rock, new and old.  Episode 3: The Meads of May. Competition hotline! Text 022-0814091.

9-10pm: The Space Doctor
Space, stargazing, astronomical chat and lots of space music, ranging from Holst to Soundgarden, some of which will “evoke a feeling of contemplative spaciousness.” With DJ Mick.

10-11pm: Reptile Radio

Cutting edge nostalgia from yesterday, today and tomorrow, from around the world, and from around the block. With Sam Buchanan.

Thanks for listening. Our pilot period sees us run a monthly programme for three months, in the current timeframe 5pm-11pm, so this marks the end of month two!